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Article introduction

Hot wood seed has fair officinal value, but it is general to treating costive effect to be able to say only. We know costive reason is more, when occurrence constipation when, must understand specific reason, have standard treatment next, long-term constipation is the main reason that causes a few diseases, in this the respect should notice somewhat. Say as hot Mu Zilai it has the effect of body of certain the model that discharge poison, combatting cancer and the effect with prevent chronic illness respect to have certain.

Does hot Mu Zineng treat constipation

Does hot Mu Zineng treat constipation

Effect of this cure constipation is not very good, costive reason has a lot of, like to eat to stimulate fat food tartly for example, sedentary do not move, drink water at ordinary times less, life work and rest not the rule, wait to be able to be caused, if defecate is very difficult, can use syrup of a place of strategic importance, alleviate temporarily solve, but use not often, rise in the morning everyday hollow drink water more, at ordinary times food is a bit more delicate, do not eat too fat, move more namely additionally, can massage abdomen gently with the hand in the evening, help bowel path wriggles, can eat beneficial of path of a few bowel to give birth to bacterium to recuperate alvine path bacterium additionally group, aperient fruit perhaps yoghurt can drink a dot appropriately

Does hot Mu Zineng treat constipation

The effect of hot wood seed

According to domestic and international clinical report, often seed of edible hot wood can enhance immune force, platoon body of poison, model, fight ageing, fight cancer, right a variety of reach major disease to huge improves effect chronically.

Does hot Mu Zineng treat constipation

Hot wood seed is food of pure natural green, contain all nutrition material that human body place wants, it can replace compound vitamin, calcium tablet, cod-liver oil to wait.

Particularly right hypertensive, Fall in love with the sea

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Good effect. Hot wood seed can help illness of improvement, precaution, improvement Morpheus, enhance memory, defer consenescence, still can use the disease that treats the special place such as hepatic, milt, main and collateral channels. It still has the effect such as remedial halitosis and sober up. The chew before drinking takes strong the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site seed of 5 hot wood, can raise the 2 ~ of capacity for liquor 3 times

The edible method of hot wood seed

Pare crust is fed inside child (do not discard seed carapace please, usable bleb is taken or regard clean water agent as) .

Generally speaking, just began edible best a day of edible comes 3 times, one 2 reach 4, one week hind depends on individual constitution to add again decrease, continuously edible after a month, can feel the effect apparently, after seed of edible hot wood wants crunch, with 300Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The boiled water of Cc above is taken, at this moment you but instantlyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Those who experience hot wood seed is magical, after taking, can feel glibly pleasant is sweet before long, although drink plain boiled water again,still be sweet, have even the water that swallow a mouth natural pleasant sweet taste even! Those who require an attention is, pregnant woman, serious asthma andShanghai Long Feng forum

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The baby under 6 months does not suggest to use.

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