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100 sweet fruit are commonner fruit at ordinary times, 100 sweet fruit besides can eat raw directly besides, still can use become fodder, nutrition is very rich, of 100 sweet fruit having a way also is rife, no matter be direct,extract juice neverthelessShanghai night net

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Drink, won’t affect the nutrient value of 100 sweet fruit, at ordinary times often 100 sweet fruit have edible not only the action with embellish aperient bowel, and still can eliminate exhaustion, what does the breed of that 100 sweet fruit have?

The breed of 100 sweet fruit

The breed encyclopedia of 100 sweet fruit

1, yellow 100 sweet fruit

Bright yellow of the peel when maturity, fruit body is larger, circle, astral shape stain is more apparent, grow exuberant, blossom much, yield is high, disease-resistant force strong; but result of ability of beautiful pollination of different of different individual plant, VIPLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Ability of labour be pollinated be pollinated assures crop, not cold-resistant. Acidity is big, aroma is weak, raw material of course of study of general do manual work machines fruit juice, do not suit delicacy to eat.

2, purple 100 sweet fruit

Fruit form is lesser, egg form, astral shape stain is not apparent, odd fruit weighs 40-60 gram, fruit juice sweet smell is thick, sweet degree tall, suit delicacy to feed, but juice content is inferior, average 30% . This breed group cold-resistant heat-resisting, but disease resistance is weak, the way corp is growing is weak, yield is low. Feature: Tendril and burgeon show green, without purple, only mature peel is purple, it is violet black even.

The breed of 100 sweet fruit

3, amaranth 100 sweet fruit

It is yellow, violet the high grade breed of cross of two kinds of 100 sweet fruit. Stain of shape of peel amaranth, star is apparent, fruit body is large, grow a circle, fight cold disease-resistant force strong, the way corp is growing is exuberant, can spend pollination result oneself. Juice content is as high as 40% , orange color of colour and lustre is yellow, smell is sweet, pol is amounted to 21% .

The effect of 100 sweet fruit and action

(1) edible 100 sweet fruit, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, 165 kinds of beneficial to human body material; still are contained inside 100 sweet fruit

(2) often edible 100 sweet fruit are OK embellish bowel is aperient, large intestine of effective prophylaxis and treatment cancerous;

(3) comes from preserve one’s health say, 100 sweet fruit can discharge edible poison is raised colour, ; of filling kidney fitness

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, can eliminate wine of fatigue, solution to protect liver;

(100 sweet fruit still can treat 5) effectively insomnious symptom, slow angst is nervous, revulsive Morpheus;

(6) edible 100 sweet fruit are OK conduce precaution is diabetic, OK still and slow the symptom such as osteoporosis.

The breed of 100 sweet fruit

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100 sweet fruit grow technical point

1. breed chooses

100 sweet fruit are divided commonly for yellow 100 sweet fruit, amaranth is 100 sweet fruit, purple 100 sweet fruit 3 kinds, the fruit grower that two kinds of choices cultivate after is more.

2. chooses the ground to establish garden

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The requirement that 100 sweet fruit grow pair of soil does not calculate too tall, the delay sloping field of the sandy loam that suggests to choose n exposed to the sun commonly, level the land or mesa, in order to contain a lot oforganic layer of qualitative, earth value of good, PH is circumstance of deep, catchment 5.5 ~ 6.5, traffic is convenient, guards plot is advisable.

3. progenitive method

Breed uses the breed that divide individual plant and seminal breed commonly two kinds of means.

4. field planting

The time of field planting should be decided according to the height of seedling of 100 sweet fruit, want seedling of 100 sweet fruit to grow 25cm above only can field planting. Lack the plot of water, want to remember retaining edaphic moisture.

5. water fertilizer manages

Water 100 sweet fruit, remember these two words go, seasonable platoon wants to do redundant water when seeper, arid when should diligent water, be in especially 100 sweet1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Hang fruit period if really, water requirement is great, want fill enough water. The 100 sweet fruit of new plant, early days is given priority to with nitrogenous fertilizer, water of mixture earthnut bran drenchs apply. Every individual plant is bimonthly, dose is brought up along with nursery stock and increase, cooperate gush of foliaceous leavening dough to apply.

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