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If human body appears lymph node enlargement, most of this kind of circumstance is appeared in area of exclosure of lymph node week inflammation problem, and inflammation problem is mainSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Affect by the bacterium, so after lymph node enlargement him adjusting control food also is helpful for treating condition of lymph node enlargement. And the condition of a few diseases that everybody knows a fruit to go up to treating human body is special effectual, after producing lymph node enlargement so, what fruit should eat to had been compared to the body?

It lymph node eats what fruit is good that lymph node eats what fruit

The bacterium that causes lymph node enlargement often is coccus of golden yellow grape and dissolve courage and uprightness streptococcic. In people life middling somebody is after head cold or other infection, be like,cervical, ear hind, alar or inguinal office can appear the tubercle of vitreous ball size, local and red tenderness, those who press is hard, this sufferred from lymph node enlargement namely.

What does avoid of lymph node enlargement eat? Can the fruit eat?

If lymph node enlargement appearing in the life, need notices proposal patient quite in daily life, generally speaking, it is to need no-no and hot foodShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Stimulation and unripe cool food are exciting.

The fruit that suggests the choice is cool and refreshing had better, avoid to stimulate food tartly. Can choose banana, watermelon, the fruit such as the apple. The proposal avoids fat, suffer from excessive internal heat kind food, drink water more, much draft fruit is vegetable.

It lymph node eats what fruit is good that lymph node eats what fruit

Besides, the patient should be treated actively, need to differ according to the pathogeny and choose different remedial program. If be chronic lymph node phlogistic, give antibiotic treatment or clinical it is OK to follow examine, if be scrofulous,must refuse n/med tuberculosis treatment normally, if be tumor,bring about must treat former hair tumour to just have the effect.

Additional, to lymph node enlargement, have below when requirement:

The first, about the manner of the life. Too great pressure is not like life pressure and actuating pressure, if must face these pressure, so the society adjusts him. Must optimistic, mood not beautiful also can accentuate illness.

The 2nd, about dietary structure. Do not eat the meatForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Feed, be like cruelly oppress especially, hotpot, chickenNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The flesh, broth also cannot eat. The most deliciousFall in love with the sea

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Green vegetables, if want to eat very much, wait for swollen disappear eat. Do not eat bilge the food of abdomen, be like soja, arrogantForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The; such as the grandma does not eat the food of raw or cold food, be like watermelon, the; such as ice cream also does not eat hot food, for example: Chili.

It lymph node eats what fruit is good that lymph node eats what fruit

The 3rd, about enhancing body immunity power. Strengthen physical training, wait like ran have raise sport.

The food about avoid certain food of lymph node enlargement and daily life requirement are above. Generally speaking, the food of raw or cold food not quite proposal edible, the fruit also does not eat temporarily.

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