Span is Huoniweier Xi’an of change of factory of Shenzhen of 3000 lis long way only fall cost?

The Song Dynasty of collect of every warp knitting thinks of Duan Qianqian of Xiang Yimei of every classics reporter difficult

Arrive from Shenzhen Xi’an, if by plane, range is 1635 kilometers, cost.

A few days ago, the Er 爱上海同城对对碰

of Wei of transnational corporation Huo Ni that comes from the United States announces to will span these 3000 lis long way, shenzhen blessing will be located in below the banner always how to prevent a factory to incorporate stage by stage intelligent building and the Xi’an production base that live in a group.

Shenzhen factory installs change westerly

From 1935 Huoniweier opene上海龙凤论坛

d orgnaization of the first distribute to rise in Shanghai, up to now its group of Wu of 4 great undertaking — building of aerospace, intelligence and household group, characteristic material and technology, safety and productivity solution all already settle China, and in the whole nation 20 many cities set much home branch and joint ventures, 2.4 billion dollar was amounted to in Chinese sale 2016.

Fu Yonggong miller wants Shenzhen of Er of Huo Ni Wei with SMT, how to prevent wait for product production to make give priority to. According to media coverage, the net gain of this factory achieved 100 million yuan of RMB 2016.

On March 27 afternoon, ” daily economy news ” the Baoan Ou Fuyong that the reporter drives Huoniweier to the place is street garden of industry of Huai Decui hillock, spot guard forbidding, industrial garden doorway and doorway of plant area of Er of Huo Ni Wei share tens of renown security personnel to guard, and a patron wagon stops outside plant area.

Personnel of two place security all confirms to the reporter, the security personnel of the spot is hired by some security company, there is personnel of so much security before industrial garden, they come here also just 56 days, during remove, huoniweier strengthened security to work.

Respect of Er of Huo Ni Wei expresses to the reporter that day, to sufferring the personnel of the influence accordingly, law of this locality of company general basis, code and applicable relevant provision, information and advisory requirement appropriate are arranged. At present both sides is talking things over in, meeting in an orderly way is advanced continuously.

How to prevent an industry to start the earli新上海贵族宝贝论坛

est at Shenzhen, at present Shenzhen has become the whole world how to prevent a product to produce production center, purchase trade center and industrial information center. So, does be determined of Er of Huo Ni Wei leave Shenzhen what is?

Look in the personage inside many course of study, this action of Er of Huo Ni Wei and China for, will make base resurgence be transferred to 23 lines city similar, it is爱上海同城对对碰

to stem from the ceaseless promotion that answers Shenzhen to produce cost and labor cost.

Wireless how to prevent net author to make splash to ” daily economy news ” the reporter expresses, prevent a plant to installing for, where can be managing cost, where be just the place of our factory, 上海千花网交友

of clearly is, huoniweier removes this Xi’an will be helpful for reducing product cos上海千花社区


Nevertheless, respect of Er of Huo Ni Wei is denied to the reporter because Shenzhen uses labor cost,removing is tall, say this is the result that resource configures combination afresh, think Xi’an has intelligent building and the large-scale production base that live in a group, how to prevent a factory to move Xi’an, can develop synergism.

In the meantime, respect of Er of Huo Ni Wei still expresses, future will still continue increase the investment in Chinese market, extend city of market of ministry of Chinese and Western, 234 lines, enhance the power of research and development that is in China continuously, be built further at the same time and perfect in China productivity, breed and enlarge this locality to sell a group.

Seminar of progress of economy of battalion of researcher of academy of sciences of Guangzhou city society, Guangzhou civilian is standing vice-chairman Peng splash expresses to the reporter, will look from some kind of meaning, huoniweier exits Shenzhen this, can saying is afterwards China is, the enterprise such as flying benefit riverside, the another manufacturing industry later escapes the epitome of Shenzhen, extend home market or going to the lavatory nevertheless also is one of reasons.

How does Shenzhen prevent industrial production value to already glided now

How does Shenzhen wisdom prevent guild secretary-general Zhang Yi to be opposite ” daily economy news ” the reporter expresses, in recent years, rise what use cost and manpower resource cost as Shenzhen land ceaselessly, how to because bear hard,prevent a company not less the high production cost of Shenzhen, and change goes the place with manufacturing lower cost. And as big environment low fan, of Shenzhen how to prevent an industry to be in of countrywide market occupy glide than already showing.

Be on guard according to Shenzhen city safety the report that guild issues shows, 30.6% what how Shenzhen prevented industrial production value to hold countrywide overall proportion 2014. The increase rate that how Shenzhen defended a property 2014 was achieved 12.9% , the average growth level that how prep above whole nation defends a property 10.7% , also city of prep above Shenzhen of the GDP 2014 add fast 8.8% . How to defend a property in China 100 strong in, shenzhen enterprise takes 49 place.

And the investigation statistic that occupies records of Chinese public safety, the increase rate that how Shenzhen defended a property 2015 is 8% , the average growth level under the whole nation 13% , occupy the whole nation how to prevent a trade overall proportion drops somewhat, industry measure and also drop somewhat from personnel of course of study.

Up to by 2015, shenzhen city brings into statistic how to prevent an enterprise to share 4100, relatively on year decreased 7% , produced business to reduce business of Wu of kimono of business of 280 much home, compositive projects to increase somewhat among them.

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