” be born for battle ” fair measure preload of coming whole platform to already was opened now

” derelict ground ” the MOBA that development business Gearbox makes shoots play ” be born for battle ” will in May put on sale, there can be a BETA before put on sale fair measure. Fair measure spread out the earliest on PS4, make BETA preload had been opened originally now, if having fun at, might as well download first now, after waiting for a server to leave can enter game experience for a short while.

” be born for battle ” fair measure PS4 edition to began on April 8 (American time) , xbox One and PC platform want when on April 13, 18 days end.

Be worth what carry is, development business Gearbox should have collaboration with Suo Ni. Not only PS4 player is the earliest one batch enters BETA fair measured player, and the PS4 player that employs BETA returns Toby of can exclusive in Beta operation this part. In addition, game still can solve a lock instantly after official put on sale Alani part and receive first ” be born for battle ” patulous bag.

This fair measure, two when game mode respect can have mode of two many people and story pattern paragraphic. Complete edition game will on May 3 put on sale, this making contain small trade.

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