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If uric acerbity level compares tall word, everybody can adopt help of a lot of methods to reduce, most simple method drinks water more namely, adult should drink two premium at least everyday, can increase micturition amount so, micturition can help a redundant uric acerbity eduction, belong to acidity because of uric acid, still can eat a few alkalescent food more so, eat cooked wheaten food to have the effect that reduces uric acid more for instance, so the kinetic energy that make use cannot reduce uric acerbity waterA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Can motion reduce uric acid?

Can motion reduce uric acid?

What can control the gentle of motion having oxygen of uric acid effectively is light spend campaign, have oxygen campaign namely, can fat to eliminating have significant effect. And for the patient of the gout that has become big question to the uric acid of the generation inside body and disease of acerbity blood of high make water, undertake oxygen moves having, besides can have effect reducing weight besides, still have an effect that cannot ignore, that can reduce uric acid namely. Nevertheless, motion having oxygen and in moving without oxygen, the manufacturing process of energy is widely divergent however. The power that needs in motion having oxygen is less, the pattern that so its energy produces is ” ATP of → of ATP → ADP… ” , can become ATP with closing again by ADP, repeat such circular processes ceaselessly, the purine that generates accordingly is very few, won’t cause the rise of uric acid.

Motion does not have distinct effect to gouty cure, if desudation, cause uric quantity to decrease, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Cause acute gout instead! Current word basically is the recuperation that has remedy, of the metabolization of acid of the make water inside stimulative body. Should1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Notice food, reduce the meat kind, seafood, beer contain the food with fast purine.

Can motion reduce uric acid? 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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High make water is acerbity: Be acid of the make water inside body generate measure and excrete a quantity lopsided, bring about uric acid to lift the disease that cause. It is gouty main pathogeny.

Because long-term purine metabolizes to reach uric acid to excrete mussily,gout is decrease, acerbity chroma of the make water in blood is exorbitantShanghai Long Feng forum

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The disease of sex of a group of metabolization that cause. Airframe hematuria acid value is in for a long time exceed saturated position, the uric acid in blood precipitates very easily inside airframe, cause gout.

Exceed 420 when acid content of the make water in blood small rub Er / litre (the female exceeds 360 small rub Er / litre) when, uric acid can be inside body the place with slower blood stream (on the hematic wall of articulatory, hypodermic, kidney) precipitation, precipitation can cause gouty sex arthritis in joint, precipitation is in kidney, can cause gouty sex nephrosis, bring about kidney failure, uremia finally.

Can motion reduce uric acid?

Patient food should adjust dietary structure, abstinence, seafood kind, stay of proceedings kind, legume and tall purine food do not eat as far as possible or eat less, tall vitamin, low candy, low adipose food. Do not eat or take animal sex less adipose, sweetmeat (include to contain candy beverage) .

Gouty patient should eat the food of much lower purine, the food of the purine in eating less, do not eat the food of tall purine, notice not to drink evenForum of Shanghai night net

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