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Kind the fruit is not common in the life, the comparison that major person eats at ordinary times is little, but if conditional word, everybody can be at ease eat a few fig more, taste not only smell is very sweet, and still have extensive dietotherapy effect, have the effect of be good at taste for instance, the person that fits those indigestion particularly eats, postpartum female eats fig to still can connect breast to wait a moment, so what does fig have to have a way?

Does fig eat how?

Does fig eat how?

Fig is the life in medium common fruit one of, appearance is more after this kind of fruit is mature virescent, but after be being broken, the pulp inside is shallow red however, it has sweet sweet smell clear, after people is bought, meet more at ordinary times eat directly after flay, to itFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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other eat a law not to understand, more do not know it howA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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eat best. Small today write special introduction this problem, what does the edible contraindication that also can take everybody to understand fig at the same time have.

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How to eat had better

Honey is beautiful fruit juice

Match fresh fig at ordinary times honey, it is particularly good to make fruit juice together drink, when making, need after a fresh fig is abluent, take out skin, cut great place next, put in boiler to add right amount clear water, withA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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After big baked wheaten cake leaves, stew slowly close fire to drop in temperature to two hours, etc when drinking, take out it is OK to join honey to flavor, fig of this kind of honey juice not only mouthfeel is good1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, still can prevent heatstroke to reduce weight thin body.

Does fig eat how?

Fig congee

Fig not only can eat raw can make fruit juice, still can drink with its congee that boil at ordinary times, when boiling congee with it, had better choose those insolation the following fig, shiver is cut after it is abluent, again boiler is entered after rice is abluent, put the fig place that has cut, put right amount clear water and crystal sugar again, heat together boil, reoccupy small fire is boiled make 40 minutes, at this moment the fig congee in boiler also has been done.

Does fig eat how?

Fig mushroom soup

1, fig and dawdle are a pair of ideal partners, at ordinary times they can do soup to drink together, and soup of mushroom of this kind of fig tastes not simply delicious, still can prevent cancer, can use at cancer of the stomach more, alvine cancer, the auxiliary cure of lung cancer.

2, soup of mushroom of the fig that make, need prepares fig 200 grams, dawdle 100 grams, chinese prickly ash, ginger, garlic and clear water, each are right amount prepare a few.

3, after ready fig is abluent, cut broken man, again after dawdle is abluent ribbon, put in stewpan together, join ready Chinese prickly ash, the flavoring such as ginger and garlic, put clear water to be stewed together finally ripe, after adding edible salt to flavor can edible.

The edible of fig abstains from

Fig property Wen Sheng does not have noxiousness, abstain from when edible at ordinary times not much, it is those taste empty only cold crowd contraindication stops edible, the meeting is otherwise aggravating taste burden, the symptom that makes taste empty cold is aggravating.

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