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The nutrition of dove egg is very rich, and flavour also is very delicious, a lot of people like to eat dove egg at ordinary times, eat dove egg to provide1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Hairdressing is raised colour action, still can treat a lot of diseases, resemble anaemia, menstruation is not moved or the female with gas insufficient blood often eats dove egg, can make a person driving, skin letting a person becomes first-rate, a few minutes of ability does dove egg boil to thoroughly cook normally nevertheless?

A few minutes of ability does columbine egg boil ripe?

Dove egg is boiled how long ability is ripe

Columbine egg leaves boiler at cold water, slow fire warms up, the low baking temperature after boiling boils 3 minutes. Cease-fire hind immerses 5 minutes again, boil the egg white that come out so tender, yoke is caky also.

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Pleasant of columbine egg flavour, salty, sexual smooth; has spirit of energy of filling liver kidney, beneficial, abundant to skin all, help this world life-giving, solve sore poison, treat impotent, hidebound;

Basically use at the lumbar genu aching and limp of kidney empty be caused by, tired and faint, the disease; such as palpitation insomnia is during hives is popular, make children daily eat two columbine eggs that thoroughly cook, can prevent hives to have alexipharmic effect; again already

Anaemic, menstruation is not moved, the female of the inadequacy that enrage blood often eats columbine egg, not only have effect of slippery skin of United States colour, cure a disease possibly still, can make a person driving, radiant, the skin is gorgeous.

A few minutes of ability does columbine egg boil ripe?

Of dove egg a variety ofHave a way

Columbine egg grandma

Material: Columbine egg 2, xian Niu suckles 200 milliliter, white sugar is right amount.

Method: Columbine egg hull, in the milk that adds boil, boil to the egg firm ripe when, from fire, join right amount white sugar to flavor can.

Columbine egg tremella a thick soup

Material: Columbine egg 9, tremella 80 grams.


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(1) tremella uses boiled water bubble to send, eliminate root the base of a fruit, abluent rip small piece.

(2) is red the jujube is abluent go nucleus

(3) columbine egg thoroughlies cook flay.

(Right amount water is added in 4) earthenware pot, put tremella boil first, add jujube, candy, medium baking temperature boils tremella soft sodden, rejoinShanghai night net

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Columbine egg boils moment can.

A few minutes of ability does columbine egg boil ripe?

3 bright columbine eggs

Material: Columbine egg 16, dawdle, ham each 50 grams, cole core 10, ripe chicken chicken of 50 grams; is oily 50 grams, gourmet powder, salt each 6 grams, wet starch 15 grams, cooking wine 25 grams, hoosh 250 grams.


(After 1) thoroughlies cook columbine egg with cold water, small fire, shuck chorion. The bevel that ham, dawdle, ripe chicken all cuts medium size piece. After abluent, float irons cole core, fish out is stand-by.

(Put into in 2) hot round-bottomed frying pan hoosh, columbine

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After core of dawdle, cole, cooking wine, salt, gourmet powder, use the ingredient on small fire first, convert after conflagration receives juice thick, tick off Gorgon euryale with wet starch. Drench next on chicken is oily, fill soup basin can.

Scamper pouch columbine egg

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Material: Columbine egg 600 grams, ham 50 grams, water chest nut is 70 grams, salty biscuit 150 grams, dried 50 grams, egg is clear 50 grams of 100 grams, caraway. Lardy (refine) 70 grams, salt 5 grams, gourmet powder 2 grams, pepper 1 gram, green Chinese onion is 15 grams, amylaceous (pea) 25 grams, balm 15 grams each are right amount.


(1) ham cuts Cheng Xiaoxiang small hole piece; dried is sent with bleb abluent cut water chest nut of; of rice written complaint to husk abluent cut very light blue of; of rice written complaint to cut caraway of; of rice written complaint to pick wash clean.

(2) columbine egg opens knock to be inside the small spoon that wipes oil, scatter on rice of right amount salt, gourmet powder, pepper, dried, water chest nut, chopped green onion, go up basket evaporate 6 minutes namely ripe, take out.

(3) biscuit cuts 3 centimeters 5 centimeters long, wide elliptic chip plan 20.

(4) egg Qing Dynasty is hit with the chopstick epispastic, join right amount dry starch, modulation becomes snowflake paste, put sop lay open on board, paper snowflake the half to bespread biscuit to go up first, put the columbine egg with a ripe evaporate, build paste of a snowflake again, the surface is pressed on caraway leaf, ham piece, become flower pouch entity namely.

(Oil is put to burn to inside 5) boiler 5 when becoming heat, small bag columbine egg one by one leaves oily boiler, with Wen Huo scamper is ripe fry sweet.

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