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There are a lot of people to like to eat crayfish particularly in our life, and the practice of langouste is varied, a few people may be very popular hot shrimp, have sweet hot shrimp again, return later can incidentally rinse chaffy dish, also a few people are preferred eat hemp hot crayfish, be in especially summer when hemp hot crayfish can say is barbecue on booth most suffer joyousLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Those who greet, used what is the burden of so much crayfish?

The burden of the crayfish that boil

The practice of crayfish is varied, but the way with hemp hot popular delicacy still is the mainstream, hot crayfish of a hemp, just be real leading role. I should teach this dish of hemp that everybody does in the home hot crayfish today, need uses the burden with 15 kinds of common families, the method is simple and practical, taste is good, eating to also be at ease. The vivid crayfish of our place 10 money a jin, 20 my money bought one large bag, enough do a big, assure to archives need not be discharged greatly after you eat again.

The burden of the crayfish that boil

Hemp hot crayfish

Preparation feeds capable person: Crayfish a jin, dry chili 10, sweet leaf is right amount, anise 5, hemp any of several hot spice plants, small fennel, garlic directly, jiang Yi piece, line any of several hot spice plants, green, cassia bark together, unripe smoke right amount, vinegar one spoon, candy half spoon, pi county thick broad-bean sauce two spoon, liquor 3 spoon, salt is right amount.

The burden of the crayfish that boil

Cooking step:

1, clean, processing crayfish. The growth of crayfish the environment is well-known, because this wants those who do good crayfish to clean the job, raise inside the clear water in had better wanting to be put in the basin above all go up a long time, let them spit a few sand, use the brushs crayfish abdomen of tooth brush one by one next. Discharge the affirmation of archives to was not brushed greatly, he eats in the home or processing has been nodded completely. This one langouste in the picture is particularly fierce, the eyes is particularly good still, my hand a little easily, two big forceps move the family1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

2, go shrimp line, the shrimp line of crayfish is particularly fine takeForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
, 3 valve tail, twist the left and right sides among, pull forcibly, whole world is quiet.

3, prepare burden, burden has 16 to plant fully so much, must get ready ahead of schedule, otherwise crayfish eats boiler can have not enough time. Specific burden is listed no longer, the preparation of settle on face feeds capable person one column can, garlic is patted cent wants to be two after breaking, one explodes boiler, one is carried sweet, liquor should prepare high liquor. Need of line any of several hot spice plants is hotter the sort of, the 2 twigs of the chaste tree of Sichuan are best.

3, explode sweet boiler bottom, more oil is put inside boiler, join green paragraph, jiang Pian, garlic piece, line any of several hot spice plants paragraph, hemp any of several hot spice plants explodes sweet boiler bottom, join Pi county thick broad-bean sauce to fry a red oil.

4, put the crayfish that clears away clean explode inside boiler fry, join remnant1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
The garlic of more than piece, anise, sweet leaf, small fennel, cassia bark undertakes breaking up frying, fry to crayfish erubescent.

5, the white spirit that adds 3 spoon capacity, nextShanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
Join 3 spoon to be born smoke, one spoon vinegar, half spoon candy carries delicacy, join right amount salt to continue finally stew fries a few minutes, whole journey conflagration.

6, the water that pours to had flooded crayfish, the boiler on the lid is built, begin stew to boil crayfish. The attention should be boiled a little while more, after all crayfish feeds capable person this kindForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Itself is not so let a person be at ease, high temperature is boiled on 15-20 minute, what problem also won’t have. Good, can have given boiler, soup juice does not want, install crayfish fish out directly dish, can irrigate juice of on a few soup.

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